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“How can I make more sales?”
- Every product-based business owner, ever

Think that to make more money, you need to create more products?
  Think again.
It’s a trap that product-based business owners fall into at every level. (Yes, even the 7-figure product bosses!)

We’re creative, we’re bored easily, and we’d rather create something new or change directions than look at what the cold, hard numbers are telling us.

And it leads to costly mistakes like…
  • Creating more and more products hoping to attract new customers, diluting your focus and resources
  • Expanding into categories that don’t fit your established brand
  • Designing products just because 2 or 3 customers have asked for them 
  • ​Wasting precious dollars on inventory that isn’t selling
  • ​Pivoting time and time again because you don’t want to look at the numbers 


It isn’t about doing MORE. It’s about doing more of WHAT’S WORKING.

(Because if you’re not, chances are, you’re leaving money on the table.)

We’re here to teach you how to go deep, not wide, and maximize the opportunities that are already right in front of you.

Ready to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and tap into your best revenue opportunities?

Did you know...

Less than 5% of female-owned businesses make more than $1,000,000 per year.

...And I'm on a mission to change that. Right. NOW.



I'm Jacqueline

Founder and CEO of The Product Boss.

You may know me from the Apple Top 100 Business Podcast, The Product Boss Podcast. 

In my 20+ years of experience in building product-based business, I have…

  • Hosted The Product Boss Podcast, an Apple Top 10 Business Marketing Podcast, and Apple Top 100 Business Podcast
  • Launched my own product-based business, Cuffs Couture, selling in 60+ stores worldwide and dressing countless celebrities
  • Consulted with over 2,000 fashion brands through my company, Designer Consulting Co-Op (DCC)
  • ​Spoken on stages including Dallas Market, LA Textile Show, Sourcing At Magic, and Biz Chix
  • Helped over 50,000 product bosses around the world grow their businesses
Which is exactly why I created this challenge. I know from experience that when product bosses have the right tools and strategies, they can easily scale their business and make more sales than ever before.

I truly believe you can completely blow yourself away this year and CRUSH all of the goals you’ve set.

And I'M here to help you get ready to do it!

Here's how it's going down...LIVE:

In this FREE 5-Day Challenge, I will walk you through the process of narrowing your focus and expanding your profit margins.

  • Each day of the challenge I will be sending you the training in the morning and then going LIVE for an hour long Q&A. 
  • You’ll receive a workbook to support you throughout the challenge to help you take action! 

Here's what you will learn:


Discover your untapped opportunities

It’s time to get cozy with your numbers! Identify your best sellers, best months, and bestselling platforms and discover how to use this data to generate more revenue and become a profitable business. (The numbers don’t lie!)


Create your best offers to take advantage of your best sellers

We’ll show you how to take your bestselling products and create your best offers to attract customers that actually buy from you.  You will learn the secrets to sell more without having to put your products on sale or make "all the things for all the people" hoping they will buy something from you. 


Create a plan to boost sales, increase profit, and grow your business

The biggest day of the challenge! You will learn how to make more sales and grow a profitable product-based business with your best seller. You will discover the three behind-the-scenes secrets to building a profitable business that generates consistent revenue year round.


Grow your business with more ease

Tired of struggling to generate consistent sales year-round? Wish it felt easier to scale your business without burning out or running out of cash? You will learn how to grow your business with ease, make more sales, and increase profitability.


Amplify your best sellers and get the word out

This is where you will learn exactly where and how to promote your best sellers without spending a single cent on ads. Discover  top strategies to build your own hype and promote your best sellers. On Day 5 we will build a plan together and take action to start selling!

Ready to set yourself up for more sales and more revenue?


It’s time to stop doing ALL THE THINGS and lean into WHAT’S WORKING.

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